Software Engineering


Whether your machines and process installations run smoothly and reliably depends for the most part on the control systems software. IAS Industrial Automation can provide the construction of integrated, low-maintenance and reliable industrial software that improves the efficiency and reliability of your core processes. This includes among other things:

  • Compiling the required software, based on the functional and technical specifications;
  • Installing hardware;
  • Taking care of commissioning tests, such as the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

Specification of the processes, and the equipment and automation required for them is an important step within the software engineering process. IAS can provide several services for this. Examples include:

  • Translating advice/User Requirements into functional and technical specifications;
  • Drawing up test protocols;
  • Translation into software and hardware building blocks.

We focus on process control systems such as PLC, SCADA and DCS.

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